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It all started with a dog named George.

Have you ever read what’s in your skincare? Your answer is probably “no." Don’t worry. Until a few years ago, my answer was “no” too. 

Then one morning, right after applying a popular premium facial cream, my dog George jumped up and licked my face. Concerned, I wondered "What's in this product George just licked and will he be ok!" This led to a startling discovery: Skincare is cluttered with up to 75% Water, Chemicals, & Synthetics (like Plastic). 

Why? So it can sit on a store shelf for up to 2 years. That sounded a lot like the story of packaged cupcakes, cluttered with chemicals & preservatives. (And we all know how much better fresh-made cupcakes are.)

I decided my face (and George) deserved better than chemical cluttered skincare & set out to formulate skincare that was not only better for me, but that worked better.

After 2 years of Botanical Extract research, testing 200+ clutter-free formulations, and extensive independent Lab Testing & Beauty Expert Testing, I had fresh-made skincare formulas that were not only clutter-free, my skin was visibly smoother and brighter than ever before.

Everyone began to ask, "What have you done differently to your skin?"

Ktchn Apothecary fresh-made skincare was born. And it all started with a dog named George.


Kevin & George